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As a photographer, I’ve always been focused on capturing the incredible and the miraculous on show to us every day, but that we mostly fail to notice, so caught up are we in the intensity of our lives and the busy-ness that it brings.
Dawn is a magical time to do this, which is why I’ve spent the past several years photographing cities before sunrise for my series of books: wandering empty streets in the hours before dawn breaks, watching the sunrise in its myriad of colours as most people are still asleep. 
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I think the beauty of the world often comes in small ways, ways that can puncture our bubbles of self-absorption and tear us away from our minds.

It’s noticing that shaft of incredible golden light falling over a tree on an autumnal afternoon; the wisps of blue, grey fog rising off a river at dawn; the dance of sunlight over a crumbling wall in the middle of the urban sprawl.

I want to share these moments that I capture, ones that will hopefully create a connection or a spark of inspiration in you – or even just give you a moment to take a deep breathe and think wow….

Me and Tessie

Our story

After years in commercial photography I decided to pursue my art work full time. My wife, Diana, and I decided to throw it all up in the air and try to live a different way – one that would inspire us on a really gut level, that would make us excited to get up in the morning – and that would involve creating interesting work that people loved.

We still live in London, but now we spend many weeks and months of the year travelling – bringing our kids to Paris to stay in an artist’s studio or the trendy East London-feeling area of Cihangir in Istanbul. Later this year we’re off to Havana to photograph the city, make friends and immerse ourselves in a new culture.

It’s an exhilarating – if unreliable – way to live, often at the very edge of the precipice of our comfort zone. But if I teach my kids anything it’s that to contribute beauty and inspiration to the world is a magical way to live. It’s a massive honour to do this work and to have people enjoy what I do.


How I Sell My Photos

When I started making my prints available online I really wanted to create a more personal way to do it. I didn’t want to just create a big impersonal sign that said – buy buy buy my work because I’m awesome! I wanted to connect with my readers, to tell the stories behind the journeys that I take and the photos that I create. I want you to get more out of the experiences that I have than just a bunch of emails with ‘sales’ signs.

Every month I tell a different story about a place or an experience I’ve had – and those prints in that story are for sale, for that month only. It means that I can offer you something that I would if I met you at one of my exhibitions – the story, the experience and the connection with me. It’s like a new mini-exhibition every month. Plus you get a dose of inspiration along the way.

So if you see a photo you love and want to buy it, I would encourage you to do it when it comes up, as it could be a year or two (or longer) before it’s shown again. 
We’d love for you to join us – and as always get in touch if you have any thoughts you’d like to share. It’s awesome to hear from people!


This months story……

This month I will be sharing stories about Istanbul at Dawn, in part to celebrate my exhibition of the work in London. I’ll share my favourite images from this awe-inspiring city – and some of the amazing experiences I had there. Alphonse de Lamartine was right when he said –

“If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul.”

This months story

“[Anthony’s] photos are remarkable.” Stephen Fry