“I think the beauty of the world often comes in small ways, ways that can puncture our bubbles of self-absorption and tear us away from our minds.

It’s noticing that shaft of incredible golden light falling over a tree on an autumnal afternoon; the wisps of blue, grey fog rising off a river at dawn; the dance of sunlight over a crumbling wall in the middle of the urban sprawl.

I want to share these moments that I capture, ones that will hopefully create a connection or a spark of inspiration in you – or even just give you a moment to take a deep breathe and think wow….”

Anthony Epes is a fine art photographer whose work has featured in BBC World, French Photo, CNN Photo, The Telegraph, Hyper Allergic, Time Out, Atlas Obscura, BBC London and many other publications.

He has published four photo books, including, East London at Dawn, London at Dawn and Paris at Dawn, and is currently preparing to launch further installments shot in Venice, Havana and Istanbul.

photo by Tom Chaplin
That’s me on the right…tourists lol!
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